Cyber Studies Consortium


The not-for-profit Cyber Studies Consortium is a professionally managed, collaborative association dedicated to pooling the resources and nurturing the strategic partnerships that can combat today's pervasive cyber threat.

If you're an…

  • organization or company seeking cyber training solutions for your leadership and staff
  • educational institution interested in adding new cybersecurity courses or to enhance your current curriculum
  • individual looking to join an expanding online network of cyber and intelligence professionals and academic experts in the world of information security and cyber-intelligence

We invite you to apply for membership in the Cyber Studies Consortium. Contact us to learn more.


For a limited time, membership is free for Florida educational institutions, and includes:

  • consultation, orientation and recurrent training
  • fast-paced curriculum review
  • opportunities for mentorships and internships
  • free access to cyber threat news and updated articles and papers from our network of scholars and industry experts

We provide special access for Florida veterans and transitioning military!

Competitive Product Pricing

Pricing for members' individualized training and education is available with a complimentary consultation.

Qualified Florida-based educational institutions may also receive free coursework and curriculum enhancement as part of their membership.

Work with us to build the Cyber Studies Consortium... make it yours

What sets us apart...

The Cyber FoundationsTM Approach

Human error = 90% breaches

While most cyber training and education focuses on hard skills, both IBM and Verizon studies show that merely 6-7% of cybersecurity breaches were through attacks on hardware or networks, with most breaches—an astounding 90%—resulting from people-centered error.

Hard skills + soft skills

Cyber FoundationsTM covers 'hard' skills such as computer hardware and systems and applications software, but what truly distinguishes our approach is incorporating the 'soft' skills that consider human behavior.

We've got people covered

From teaching IT 'geeks' how to communicate with corporate staff to providing students with a solid understanding of what makes a cyberterrorist tick, we've got people covered.