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We supply Consortium participants with intelligence-based, customizable training and education developed by our national network of contributing experts who are current practitioners or operators in the field.

Two-pronged approach

All of our initiatives are based on our proprietary Cyber FoundationsTM approach, a two-pronged strategy that includes the 'hard' nuts and bolts of network operations as well as the 'soft' skills that help combat human error.

Hit the ground running

Our experts work extensively with employers, government agencies and educational institutions to help ensure that our on-the-job trainees and academic students always hit the cyber ground running.

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Our network of intelligence professionals and subject matter experts includes the renowned authority on counterterrorism and terrorism, Law Professor and retired Israeli Defense Forces Lieutenant Colonel Amos N Guiora, JD/PhD.

Amos Guiora, Distinguished Fellow, Cyber Studies Consortium

Cybersecurity: Geopolitics, Law, and Policy

A prolific author, Guiora’s recent book examines the legal and policy aspects of cybersecurity from a geopolitical perspective.

Cyber-security: Geo-Politics, Law, and Policy

A must-read volume for professionals, law enforcement, policy makers and anyone concerned with the challenges of cyber terrorism.

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Multifaceted Cybersecurity, Myriad of Woes

Cybersecurity is multifaceted, and truly embodies the words of men like Aristotle or Einstein, the more we learn, the more we learn how much we do not know. We have looked through many threats which face our nation, our allies, and truly life as we know it. We have discussed and uncovered both the questions and potential answers experts in the military, government, private industry and academia have brought forth.

With a new administration facing a time of change, we will witness the next steps, and attempts at solving the myriad of woes which are presented to us at an exponentially growing rate. We have learned that cyber-attacks come in many forms, and for many reasons; both coming from within our borders and abroad. The malicious intent is aimed at stealing secrets of industry, acquiring consumer data, seeking to cause discord by interfering with networks or targeting the nation's critical infrastructure. We have discussed in past articles the problems we face with deciding who is at fault, who is responsible for suring up the defenses, is it the business of private company's or is this a job for the government through policy and legislation?

Amos N. Guiora

Distinguished Fellow, Cyber Studies Consortium

One of our very own, Amos N. Guiora, J.D., Ph.D. and Professor of Law at the University of Utah is releasing a new book March 10th, 2017:

Cybersecurity: Geopolitics, Law, and Policy

In his book Amos examines the legal and policy aspects of cybersecurity. Through this work he intends to broaden the reader's perspective and understanding of the legal and political considerations of individuals, law enforcement, regulatory bodies and corporations, and the elaborate connections between all of the dots.

Amos Guiora

The Amazon description goes on to mention how by "drawing on interviews conducted with experts from a wide range of fields, the book presents the reader with dilemmas and paradigms that confront law makers, corporate leaders, law enforcement, and national leaders. The book is structured in a novel format by employing a series of vignettes which have been created as exercises intended to confront the reader with the dilemmas involved in cybersecurity".

By design this text is meant to stimulate the questions and present potential solutions to finding best practices for the web of threats cybersecurity presents.

What People are Saying

"A fresh and novel perspective"

Daniel Shoemaker, with the Center for Cyber Security and Intelligence Studies, University of Detroit, says that "This book provides a fresh and novel perspective on the complex phenomenon that we term "cyberspace." Because of the rise of the world-wide-web as the human communication medium of choice, the internet is no longer a personal, or national space. It embraces us all in a single social bond that has to be both explicated and understood. This is not a "nice to know" situation. It is one that will inevitably require every single individual on this planet to understand how they fit in. This book starts that important conversation and in many ways it is the entry point to reaching that new understanding of borderless, in many cases anonymous and even cultureless human interaction. Careful attention ought to be paid to the concerns raised here. And ideas for dealing with them developed."

Daniels words echo the truths we have discussed throughout our articles, and where the progression of today's technology is taking us. The internet of things, along with cloud computing and mankind's love affair with technology is pushing us towards full immersion. It is no longer a problem for people of wealth, or those in the know. This is something which impacts a large majority of people on the planet, and close to everyone in developed countries.

"Both timely and insightful"

Michael F. Shapiro, Executive Director of National Cyber Partnership calls Amos' book "both timely and insightful. Amos N. Guiora has done an outstanding job in creating a must-read volume for professionals, law enforcement, policy makers and anyone concerned with the challenges cyber terrorism and cyber crime pose to our increasingly data-driven, interconnected and interdependent society".

Inspiring Thoughts and Questions

At the National Cyber Partnership, our goal is 'connecting the dots' by bringing together academic institutions, government, the military and private industry in regionally organized, broad-based consortia to seed the growth of a vigorous Florida cyber industry that can serve as a model for the rest of the country. The cyber defense workforce is challenged, a problem we aim to solve. But to parallel that issue is an overall lack of individuals with the knowledge to answer the questions which we will face in the future. It is men like Dr. Guiora, who inspire the thoughts and questions which lead us to understanding what can be done, and what must be done.

You may pick up your copy of Cybersecurity: Geopolitics, Law, and Policy at Amazon.

Other Work by Amos N. Guiora

Dr. Guiora has written many other research pieces. Topics include:

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Amos has also authored other books which can be purchased through Amazon:

What sets us apart...

The Cyber FoundationsTM Approach

Human error = 90% breaches

While most cyber training and education focuses on hard skills, both IBM and Verizon studies show that merely 6-7% of cybersecurity breaches were through attacks on hardware or networks, with most breaches—an astounding 90%—resulting from people-centered error.

Hard skills + soft skills

Cyber Foundations covers 'hard' skills such as computer hardware and systems and applications software, but what truly distinguishes our approach is incorporating the 'soft' skills that consider human behavior.

We've got people covered

From teaching IT 'geeks' how to communicate with corporate staff to providing students with a solid understanding of what makes a cyberterrorist tick, we've got people covered.

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