Cyber Ready 2016 Cybersecurity Conference

Sponsors for Cyber Ready 2016 Tampa Bay Innovation Center Florida Chamber Foundation The MITRE Corporation Florida Suncoast AFIO Chapter Tampa Innovation Alliance National Cyber Partnership

An exciting event is just around the corner, our first annual Cyber Ready 2016 Cybersecurity Conference will be held on Tuesday, October 18th at Surf's Edge Club, MacDill Air Force Base in Tampa Florida.

Kicking off on Monday the 17th with a day of Golf and a barbecue dinner, and the Sixth Annual MITRE National Capture the Flag (CTF) Competition Cyber Challenge Awards Ceremony taking place on the 18th , this conference is building up to be one you don't want to miss.


Keynote speaker Dr. Mark Maybury, the Vice President and Chief Security Officer for the MITRE Corporation as well as Keynote speaker R. "Montana" Williams, COO & cyber evangelist for the Cyber World Institute (CWI), adjunct instructor at California State University-San Bernardino, former Senior Manager—Cyber Practices for ISACA and former Chief—Cybersecurity Education & Awareness Branch at the Department of Homeland Security headline the days lunch and dinner sessions.

Dr. Mark Maybury


Chief Security Officer of The MITRE Corporation and Vice President and Director of the National Cybersecurity FFRDC

TOPIC: Cybersecurity Horizons

Robin "Montana" Williams


COO & cyber evangelist for the Cyber World Institute and Adjunct Instructor at California State University

TOPIC: The Necessity for a Paradigm Shift

The day begins at 7:30 am and will include speakers from the United States Army, Government Agencies, the National Cyber Partnership and other professional companies in the Cyber Security sector. The Director for Research and Program Development for the National Cyber Partnership will begin the day's talks with a session on Bilateral/Collateral Damage which preludes Special Agent Richard Dean of the United States Secret Service's talk on the "Challenges of increased number and sophistication of cybercrimes targeting US financial institutions and critical infrastructure, role of the Electronic Crimes Task Force and Special Agent Program".

Highlighting the importance of the awareness of the kind of attacks done in cyberspace today both internationally and domestically here in the United States; as well as the increasing need for a highly skilled cybersecurity workforce, training programs and instructors is Keynote speaker R. "Montana" Williams, speaking on the "necessity for a paradigm shift in today's cybersecurity education/training methodology, transitioning from a knowledge-based approach to a skills-based approach". With so many speakers bringing important topics with national security implications to the spotlight such as Colonel Jon Brickey, PhD, Army Cyber Institute at West Point, National Capital Region Liaison who will be speaking on "Defending America in Cyberspace", it is no surprise that it is expected many big names in the political arena will attend.

Distinguished Invitees

The list of invitees includes Governor Rick Scott, US Senators Bill Nelson and Marco Rubio; State Senators Wilton Simpson, Tom Lee and Jack Latvala; as well as House Speaker-Designate Richard Corcoran. State Representatives Dana Young, Ritch Workman, and Frank Artiles were also invited as well as Attorney General Pam Bondi, Commissioner Adam Putnam, Chief Financial Officer Jeff Atwater and DEO Executive Director Cissy Proctor. Sheriff David Gee, Sheriff Chris Nocco, Sheriff Bob Gualtieri, Former House Speaker Will Weatherford are all on the list as well.

On a related note, Governor Rick Scott recently signed a bill into law allowing certain exemptions from public disclosure about any network security breaches in the state of Florida; this in an attempt to keep this valuable information out of the wrong hands, furthering the risk of similar cyber-attacks. US Senator Marco Rubio has had passionate words to say about cybersecurity before during his presidential campaign, saying he "As president, [would] use American power to oppose any violations of international waters, airspace, cyberspace, or outer space," during an address to the Council on Foreign Relations; and as he sits on the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence has been asked to speak on the Challenges in cybersecurity policy-making.

The Cyber Ready 2016 conference will highlight many important topics in the Cybersecurity world today, with an array of professionals from the field, alongside professors, military and government representatives all seeking to share knowledge and insight into the rapidly evolving state of this field of battle, and our ability to educate, prepare and implement a skilled workforce to meet the needs of today.


The National Cyber Partnership believes national cyber leadership begins in Florida, and would like to thank all of the sponsors; the Tampa Bay Innovation Center, the Tampa Innovation Alliance, the Florida Chamber Foundation, the MITRE Corporation, and the Florida Suncoast Chapter of the Association of Former Intelligence Officers, make this conference possible; together we all look forward to seeing you at this exciting event!

A special thanks to our event sponsor CEA Group.

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