Cyber Partnership Sponsors MITRE's 2016 Cyber Challenge

MITRE's 2016 Cyber Challenge

Cybersecurity today is an increasingly important and relevant industry; involving the technologies, practices and processes which are designed to protect networks, computers and private data from attack or infiltration. Cybercriminals and cyber-terrorists who are unfriendly to our government create a demand for a highly skilled workforce in cybersecurity. Meeting this demand is one of the National Cyber Partnerships primary goals. And where there is high demand for highly skilled employees, there is intense competition!

The National Cyber Partnership is proudly sponsoring an upcoming event, MITRE's 2016 Cyber Challenge aims to encourage and promote awareness in cybersecurity. The annual competition offers a chance for students to gain valuable real world experience, and industry knowledge including cryptography, computer and network forensics, web exploitation as well as critical infrastructure protection and exploitation. Students will compete on a national stage populated with high school and undergraduate’s alike, all seeking scholarships as well as internship opportunities!

In 2014, MITRE held its annual CTF competition along with one of this year’s co-sponsors (ISC)²; over 50 college and high-school teams participated in a 24 hour event pitting competitors head to head in various cyber challenges. In 2015 this event took place over a two day period, in which academic leaders alongside industry experts put individuals and teams of four or five through their mental paces. MITRE's 2016 Cyber Challenge will be the sixth annual national Capture the Flag competition, with a steady growth in attention and involvement over the years; registration for teams or individuals closes September 1st! This year's event will begin on September the 16th and end on the 17th.

The Cyber Challenge Awards ceremony is part of a day-long cybersecurity conference held on October 18 at MacDill AFB in Tampa, Florida.

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